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The Santa Fe Medical Cannabis Group offers appointments at Sacred Garden providing medical cannabis evaluations and referrals. Our Physicians are available to evaluate your eligibility for the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program and provide certification or recertifications for all eligible conditions, including severe chronic pain.

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 With 9 mg of canna butter, it creates a very light, mellow buzz to keep you medicated lightly throughout your day!

Canna Caps
Made for people with certain dietary restrictions that can not find anything ton our edibles menu that they can ingest.



Welcome to the Sacred Menu - an amazing selection of products from the Sacred Garden Dispensary. Products include tinctures, salves, cured cannabis, edibles, beverages and extracts. Once we have all your paperwork, including copies of your drivers license and patient id card, you may place an order.

Sacred Garden Mist

This infused magical mist is cooling, soothing, and stimulates circulation.  It is quick absorbing and leaves no greasy residue.  

Medical Marijuana Treatment

The medicinal properties of cannabis have helped people for thousands of years.  Research has now been done  so that scientists, researchers, and doctors are beginning to understand exactly how it works. READ MORE